The FROmance Journey

I’ll start my introducing myself. My name is Shannay ,but I go by either Shan or shay. I have many talents and finally have the guts to express them to the world.

This blog will introduce some of my projects of the future and the past. I’m always into something new so the main focus will be my hair. It could be styling, coloring, natural products or simply hair topics that peek my interest.

I always refer to myself as the Free spirit I like to do it all. I experiment with all aspects of art. Dancing, singing, sketching, poetry so on and so forth. Not implying that I am a dancer, singer…. these indeed are only experiments.

I was born in the 92′ so I’m still young and learning. I don’t party and do all the craziness of an average youngin, I prefer to spend that time building my personality and expanding my knowledge and interest.

I created this blog as a start to finish journey to all of my goals. I only hope that one day I can complete them and share it with the world.

I am completely open to comments, advice, opinions et cetera.

Enjoy Your Day [=


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