Labor Day Weekend and My Fro is Finally Out

My hair length finger combed

It feels sooo good not styling my hair to fit under a cap for these 4 days I have off for labor day.

As a civilian it was a lot easier to style my hair because I always styled it so it can breath at least every other day ,but now the constant manipulation is causing my hair to change.

How SO ??

  • I have to moisturize it more frequently because of the constant styling and the super moisture sucking hat.
  • Honestly having my hair out in the sun did more good than damage for me. My pores would just expand and drink all that moisture up causing my hair to be silky smooth by the end of the day. 😇
  • Not having time or transportation to get and make my own hair products played a major role as well. I know what my hair likes so having to do that “getting to know my hair” process all over again just to find the right stuff, my patience can’t handle that. Lol.
  • The length !!! When I had longer hair for the first few months it was easy to manipulate, style, and moisturize. After I cut it and having all these people butchering my short hair styles at the barber, I got tired of relying on professionals who could care less about how your head looks and just wanted   to get the job done. I decided to grow it back and this specific length is killing me.

Here’s Why Weave Is Not A Good Alternative For Me

While I’m in the military I will not be wearing any weaved styles unless it’s literally just a fake bun popped on at the end of my braids. A lot of women do it and yes it looks absolutely amazing but for me it would be like putting a weave on a toddler and expecting it to stay fresh and presentable by the end of a play day. Braids are fine ,but with this pregnancy, the military, and minimum support I’m too tired or sleepy most of the time to ‘remember’ to care for braids.

I also would like to feel comfortable wearing them. The only style in braids I like to wear are jumbo braids that are not a natural hair color usually. It’s mostly pink, purple, blue etc. For one I cannot fit jumbo braids under a cap with my uniform. Secondly, the size of braids and length of hair is also way too bulky and long and it would not be within army regulations.

I’m very particular about how I feel and look in braids and if I got a style that I was not comfortable in even if other people think it’s cute I still would not feel beautiful in them.

Pregnancy Texture Change

I’ve noticed my hair has gotten thicker and my curls are looser, but at least it’s still silky soft I hope that at least stays the same. I’m not the only one to notice my mother and sister have as well.

Hope You Lovelies Had A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

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