Braided and On The Go



Notice the parts aren’t perfected, this style is meant to be quick and presentable

Ello There Peoples ❤️,

All week I was getting tired of having to do my hair all over again and I also get quite bored of the same repeated styles. So I decided to keep it simple yet cute enough for me to want to rock.

You Will Need:

  • Bobby pins, scrunchies, rubber bands
  • A type of hair that matches your hair texture and color : I went with Marley hair
  • Your choice of moisturizers
  • Comb for parting: brush optional

Alrighty… !

  • For my TWAs out there if your hair is long enough to braid this style will work for you as well. Although the number of braids are optional, I used 6 straight back cornrows to start the style off.
  • Each section was moisturized with ‘Rafiki’s Shea Butter Daily Hair Moisturizer’ before it was braided. I will be doing a review later on down the line for this product ,but any moisturizer of your choice can be used as well.
  • Now that my hair is all braided, before I added the bun I oiled my scalp. I used  Rafiki’s Hair Oil because we all know how much I love it! (The link for my product review post is there if you’d like to know more about it).
  • Now all you have to do next is collect all the loose strands and tie it in a scrunchy . I only had about an inch of hair to work with so later in the week I ended up connecting the braids at the end then using a scrunchy.

Bun Prep:

Yes… bun prep lol.

The third picture is how you will wrap the hair around the bun or little nub that you have (I had a nub😂).
  • I actually twisted individual strands rather than braid it. I honestly don’t know why I chose twists, most likely because this was an experimental hairstyle gone right so I just stuck with it, then again I had plenty of days to create a new batch to braid instead. 💁🏽


  • Once the hair is secured you can use whatever technique you like to create your bun. I gave it a little tug at the end to make sure it doesn’t fall off during the day Lol. You can never be too sure.



Now the look is complete and I’m ready to put on my uniform and head out the door. Just make sure you are regularly moisturizing your scalp and hair through out the week. This may be protective style ,but you still need to care for you hair.




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