This Naturalista’s Got Style


Welcome Beauties,

This is one of my amazing friends and she always has some super cute creative ideas for her hair ! So let’s check out one of her styles…

Nightly Preparation:

  • She first conditioned her hair with suave during her regular hair wash routine
  • After her wash to make sure her hair was further moisturized she deep conditioned it with Palmer’s deep conditioning protein pack


She then put on a Shower Cap and watched a show to pass the time for about an hour before she rinsed it out. The way you dry your hair is up to your preference.


  • Yay !! So now that her hair is nourished and refreshed she started off by sectioning her hair into three parts. (left to right or right to left). Of Course moisturizing as she styles it with cantu shea butter

Note: Applying moisture to your hair is very important while styling it. Styling it while it is completely dry may cause extra breakage especially when twisting or braiding it.


I would say that the size of the parts depend on the person because people have different types of hair. ( ie. you may have thicker or longer hair so you may want bigger parts to save time).


Fro Power
The loose braids at the end were pinned up in the back to complete the style
  • First Section: Two strand twist. The size depends on how big or small you want your waves.
  • Midsection: Bantu knots. I love the 4 jumbo knots she did in the center it I thought it was so cute and I always admired styles when bantu knots where improvised into it.
  • Last Section: Cornrows.  You can go with straight back or try a design. There are so many variations you can do for this style, which is what makes it so great !

Now it’s time to tie it up with a Satin Scarf WOOO ! 

Morning Time !:

  • Just untwist the two strand twist in the morning, fluff it up a bit. If you have long hair pin up the loose ends of the braids and Voilà….. Go head and strut your stuff Foxy Lady.

Thanks Girl This Style Was The Bomb.Com

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