Product Review: Rafiki’s Hair Oil

Hey Beautiful People,

So I have finally found home made products for my hair (and skin) and it’s been absolutely life !

I stumbled across this small shop while getting an arby’s slider at the Main PX (The only thing I eat from there, the roast beef slider 😌). What made me walk in was seeing raw cocoa butter as a display. As well as the name Rafiki. The first thing that popped in my head was ” Follow Rafiki, he knows the way Come on !” (Lion King reference). So it was only right to check it out. Ha!


Soooo this is one of the natural products that the owner made from scratch. What I appreciate is that it is a Black owned business and I loved the mother-daughter duo when I walked in, keeping the family together in the business, which is something I hope for this little seed on the way. It’s also great because this product works for all different types of hair textures as well.

I put a few drops on my scalp and massaged it in then I put some in the palms of my hands with a little water and finger combed it through the rest of my hair.

 Note: My pregnancy senses are brutal so you know this product is great if I say the scent was lovely !!

I started off doing it once a day ,but now I do it every 2-3 days. The store had other hair products as well ,but I literally just came from shopping before I walked in so I was already risking my spending budget for the day.

I’ve been using this product for a week and my hair approves just as I thought it would. It’s getting back to how it was before I joined the military it’s soft, easy to manage and healthy. It has that natural shine and even though I have to put on a PC (patrol cap) all the time, all the moisture is not completely sucked out of my scalp as usual by the end of the day. This oil has been a blessing to my follicles. I also feel more comfortable using it because I don’t want to get into the habit of resorting to mass produced hair products just because I’m not able to access the natural organic products that I’m normally used to.

Here’s the information if anyone is interested in using some of their products….

Stay Beautiful !!

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