Big Chop Journey: Sister Edition

Hello Lovely People,   

The Big Chop: Sister Edition If you haven’t seen my sister’s big chop here is the link.

So it’s two years later and her hair is flowing and growing beautifully, you can see the difference in pattern, texture and length and it is so healthy I love it !! I always like to encourage women that the big chop is not as scary as it seems and you can rock a ceasar cut or a TWA and still be gorgeous as ever. Confidence is key. You are Wonder Woman and never let anybody judge you because of the way you style your hair or wear  your clothes. Expression .


Story Time (^^)

    It’s time ya’ll !! So sissy has been experimenting with different methods and ways to manage her hair after the big chop. She has her hair dyed and for anyone that has dyed their hair you know how difficult it can be to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. She has found ways that work for her to keep her hair silky soft and for anyone that has dyed natural hair these methods may work for you just as they have worked for her.

Used as a deep conditioner-Once/Twice a Month or As Needed. Get Your Silk On !

She has been using this product to prevent her hair from becoming brittle. Although the bottle states two minutes the time frame that works for her is leaving it in all day and rinsing it out at the end to ensure that her hair is protected and moisturized. I always like to suggest doing what is best for your hair and knowing what your hair will adapt to rather than going by what works for everyone else. Experiment your dosage and time frame. Do ya thang girl !


Two months I’ve been using ApHogee and it’s literally saved my hair from being crunchy and dry


Night Prep:  Just Sleep. No, we must night prep to keep our hair healthy !

  • She first adds the oils and or leave in conditioners/creams of her choice.
  • Then puts it up in a loose pineapple.
  • Time for the Satin Cap and she’s all ready to be captivated by wonderful dreams and silky hair


Nightly Prep Moisturizers



Blog-Satin Cap
Satin Cap Romance <3- Dream Big !


She also clips her ends as needed, as do I and many of my natural hair friends. It is very important to pay attention to your hair to prevent any future breakage.



Thank you my naturalistas and naturalistos for following my sister’s hair journey through the big chop experience !



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