TWA : Summer Twists 

Once Again… I have chopped all of my hair off. 

Indeed I get a little scissor happy every few years and I’ll admit, because I don’t wear weaves and being in the military with all the regulations it’s hard to style my hair in a fun, funky way on my free time at this length and go straight back to a hairstyle that’s up to military standards. So my go-to is usually my favv two strand twist method.

This is a very simple easy summer style for anyone on the go that may not have much time for styling during the week.

I’ll admit, there is absolutely no organic products I can buy in this area to make my usual home made natural hair potions so I had to resort to man made hair products. 

There is a slight difference in my hair health ever since I went back to products ,but I found this treasure out the bunch and it seems to be the only product my hair allows me to use. My hair has lovely moisture and curls and the smell doesn’t send me running to the hills. So if you see this beauty I give it two thumbs up. 👍🏽 👍🏽

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