My Mini Magic Potion: Easy Hair Conditioner


Hello My Dears,

I have a very simple and short hair wash routine for this week.

So this little secret potion I’m about to introduce you to is what I use as a conditioner and a moisturizer. I’m big on natural oils and because I didn’t have the time to buy my most favored oils I had to work with what I got.


  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • African Mineral Oil


After a usual wash using African Black Soap, my little magic potion of oils was massaged into my hair. I put a clear cap over it and left it in my hair for about 8 minutes. Afterwords I partially washed it out and patted down my hair with an old T-shirt. I always jumbo twist my hair when it’s partially damp to keep the moisture locked in this guarantees my soft silky hair and it’s always left looking healthy and glowing.

The END, I hope this quick hair wash helps. =)

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