Mum’s Length Check: Hair Journey Story

Ello there my Lovelys,

Okay so if you remember from my Sissy’s Big Chop post, I mentioned that my mother was inspired from my hair journey and went bald like myself. Mum says

I always wanted to go from curly to straight and still keep it natural rather than it being permed. The curls are more uniformed being natural and I wanted to keep those kind of chemicals out my hair. Now that I’m 50 years old I want to be perm free, chemical free

My mother has been natural since Jan of ’14 and her hair grows faster that Carl Lewis at the Olympics. I think she has a magical elf living under her bed. Shhhhhhh.

This was how it looked when she first cut it in Jan.
I know I know, it looks like a mug shot ,but I promise that she usually smiles. This was actually taken in March ’14 so it grew out a little since the big chop.













This was take in August of this year !! It's so long !
This was taken in August of this year !! It’s so long !

Products And Care Of Mummy’s Hair

My mother was always big on smells on hair products so everything about to mention smells refreshing and delightful. She often uses Nexus shampoo and conditioner products. It leaves her hair smell good and feel nice and soft.


She sometimes uses the Pantene conditioner that’s for curly hair every now and then. That helps with the definition of her natural curls without drying it out. She doesn’t wash out the conditioner often, usual she leaves it in and mixes it with OGX‘s nourishing coconut milk. Also Note: That my mum doesn’t hop from product to product and it works for her hair it’s always moisturized and very healthy.

This product smells sooooooo good. I have actually used it once or twice.

Sometimes you need that extra push to be inspired for a dramatic change, even if it’s just your hair. Hair can define health, expression, confidence, individuality, religion and so much more depending who the person is. I can’t express enough how proud I am of my family. Now we are all natural !!

She just said as I was typing…

Now I Have a Whole Head of New Growth and I’m Loving It

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