Hairspray Dye: Product Review


This is  a hairspray dye by Jerome Russel. I know the picture isn’t very clear ,but if you look up the name this brand should pop up.

I attempted to color my hair with different products and I used this in the past for the Labor Day Parade that they have in Brooklyn, NY every year. So I was somewhat familiar with this product ,but during the time I was 16 and my hair was still permed so I guess you can say I never really noticed the effect it had on  my hair.

  • To start of, it has a very aggressive odor that isn’t easy on the lungs. I had to have a window open and next time I’m spraying this on my hair outside because I’m sure there must be a health hazard.
  • Although the color came out clear my biggest issue was it rubbing off on everything. Of course your hair must be dry when you spray it on ,but I honestly didn’t expect it to rub off so easily onto e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
  • Another major problem was that it dried my hair out considerably and I am not fond of walking around cold weather with dry hair. That is a big No-No.
  • This is something I would use two days before I wash my hair. If you leave it in over night you better tie it down with your most least favorite scarf and you better be okay with not moisturizing it at all when you wake up. Unless you spray sheen on it and just leave it at that without rubbing it in.

Overall yes I would use it again if I’m feeling cutesy and I want to be a little funky for the day ,but I would most definitely wash it out when I am done for the day.

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