The Big Chop: Sister Edition

Hello Beautiful Souls,

My older sister recently went and did the OL’ Big Chop, Which I’m loving by the way and you’ll see why when you see the pictures. I’m very proud of her because I’ve been natural for almost 6 years and during that time I was able to inspire my mother to go through with the big chop so sissy is on board now and my mission is complete.

Yes I am a part time secret agent ready to corrupt the world to be natural forever and ever and ever * cues the evil laugh* Listen just let me be corny… 

Story Time… (^^) 

So here’s her story. My sister Gigi is a painter and an artist at heart, you can say it runs in the family. Being that she was so artistic you can already tell that her hair was always on point. Whether if it was the color or style it expressed exactly who she was. I could actually say that she was the best when it came to using dye and if I needed advice on what to use I went to her because I had and still have little experience when it comes to using color. Unfortunately, her hair was permed for 17 years and due to the dyeing and straightening, within the last 5 years she has been gradually experiencing breakage. Gigi stated that,

The hair in the back had the most damage, it was extremely processed and it would undergo the most heat and chemicals because that’s the area of my head that I can’t see

This is something I know most of us can relate to indeed.

But we all know that eventually our hair starts to fight back. I went through it as well when I had a perm… breakage, brittle, dry you know the whole story. Gigi had to go through extra steps to straighten her hair and even after going through all the extra effort it would curl back up to it’s natural form. She explained to me that every product she used was not working no matter how many variations. The only product that seemed to work was coconut oil, and all my natural hair baes know “the power of the coconut”.

Blog pic 2
As you can see the color and style are just everything. The sides and back are shaved down leaving just the top

There comes a time where you finally say to yourself “okay, I’m over it” and it was about that time. Sissy’s big chop was on point; when she showed me the pics after the barber, her hair was looking great and I can’t wait to see it grow out. She always had this nice curly hair, the type of hair where you don’t need any products to get that type of curlage (yes I made up that word). She inspired me to write this post and I hope she inspires anybody going through the same process. This post is for anybody who fears the big chop, you can rock your hair at any length you will always be beautiful and having healthy hair and a healthy scalp is what’s most important.

Blog Pic 4
Very clean and neat shave, and aren’t those earrings just gorgeous !

 Details About The Pics

She left the center with the permed hair because that was the least damaged and as her hair grows she will slowly trim it.

Blog Pic 3

In the pictures below you can see that although her hair is short in length there is still many different styles you can create. The two styles she achieved was a bantu knot out and a braid out although she said due to the permed hair the braid out didn’t come out the way she had hoped it to.

The top two pics are the result of her bantu knot out. The bottom pics are the result of an attempted braid out that still looks great.

To all my big chop enthusiast, rock it natural short or long at the end of the day you are Queens and let’s not forget our natural hair King’s too !

And As Always Stay Beautiful My Naturalistas And Naturalistos


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