Super Twist/Bantu Knot Out: TWA Edition

cropped for blog

Hello There Gorgeous People,

Yes Super Twist Bantu Knot is the name I call it. There’s probably a proper name, but knowing me I just like to be different.

This was a 4 step process. If you can twist and bantu knot with no issue, it will be the easiest thing ever. I usually go through these steps to get the most defined curls and also bantu knotting the regular way never worked for my hair texture because my hair always unraveled itself so I came up with my own way that worked out every time and gave me more definition for my texture.

  •  Step One: I started off by putting medium to small twist in my entire head. I purposely wanted them smaller and step two will explain why.You don’t need to part them neat unless you plan on rocking your bantu knots for a day or two. I do it a lot to be honest.
  • Step Two: Now twist the smaller twists together into larger twists (yikes ! I’m sorry if it sounds confusing). I usually take two to four smaller twists and combine them so that it’s not too thick. I have short hair and I was still able to do this. This hairstyle works for longer lengths as well, before I cut my hair I rocked this style a few times this is actually my go-to look when I’m not too lazy.
  • Step Three: Once you get through your entire head with the twists (Super Twists), Bantu Knot them and that’s officially the last step if you’re going to “rock those knots“. If knot, then continue to the next step. (see what I did there, lol)
Here are my little “Bantu Babies”.

Step Four: I sprayed some oil into my hair before I took the bantu knots out. I actually rocked my hair in the Bantu Knots for the day before I took them out. When I took them out I rubbed the oil in a little. Some people like to use an afro pick to go through the roots just a little for volume and shape ,but I love them super defined so I leave them be.

This is how they look after I was out for hours and a little spray rain hit it, but it still stayed fresh.

So I put together a little collage just to show off the results a little more.


And As Always, Thanks For Your Patience And Interest. Peace And Love My Beautiful Naturalistas And Naturalistos

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