Twist Out: TWA Edition

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Hello Beautiful Readers,

I attempted a twist out without attempting a twist out if you know what I mean. This was such a lazy last minute style that came out looking surprisingly presentable so I just had to share my ending results. The steps I took to get there on the other hand Do Not Try This At HomeI always wanted to use that phrase ignore my corny remarks.

Little Ms Busy Body

After a wash and a violent towel partial dry (lol) I twisted my hair very sloppily because I had to run out the house and my fro wouldn’t fit under a hat. I didn’t condition it, moisturize it, or completely dry it; I just ran right out the door. (Note: the weather here in NYC during the time was cold so I could have gotten sick so I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this.) I had on a scarf under that hat so I got lucky this time. I can’t say that it wont happen again because I might be in another rush one day. Sowwy.

Okay so my sloppy twists were improvised for few days because I was running all over the place. Doing my hair has gotten challenging due to the uneven length ,but I’m glad I am sharing my styles in case any of my readers have the same issue with length and styling. With my hair and scalp still not moisturized for two days I finally had it at day three.

Day Three

I sprayed my hair and scalp with Locafella’s Oil Spray which I wrote a review on if you would like to see it you can click the link. I also put a very little bit of water on my hand, my hair was already super fuzzy so my expectancy level was at 0%. I took out my hair and this was my ending result…

You can actually see that the back of my hair is shorter than the front in this picture.

And As Always Thanks For Reading, Peace And Love My Naturalistas And Naturalistos


  1. Sorry, I didn’t see your reply.

    My hair was about past my bra strap and I cut it to about 3 inches all over. My last relaxer was on 8/29…yes, I’m transitioning. It’s all so no for me and I am trying and failing lol on product selection. Just tried new shea moisture products last night and double strand twisted some bantu knots. About to take down soon…wish me luck!

    How long have you been natural?

    • Wow, That’s a big step for sure. I definitely understand the amount of patience to be invested. I had a major product issue in the past so I stopped using them all together about 4 years ago. I hear great things about shea moisture I really hope it comes out looking fresh ! I have been natural for almost 6 years, but I cut more than half of my hair on 8/27 (What a coincidence!)

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