A Quick Glimpse Into October

HTC Phone pics 3229
I cut my hair around the ending of August. I wanted to show it off and briefly explain why I cut it.

This is the most recent picture I have of my hair. The front part of my fro comes down to my eyebrows a little lower which I love because it’s like a little afro bang. The back I cut a little too short for my comfort so I’m still getting used to it. My hair was actually two inches pass my collarbone when I cut it ,but I previously had it dyed a honey blond color and my hair does not likeĀ chemicals so I was experiencing breakage which hasn’t happened since my perm years ago. This is the reason why I decided to cut it this short and also the reason why I am going to experiment with finding a temp hair dye that will agree with my strands.

Getting Ready For Some Research

I have read articles about natural hair dyes that are home made ,but one major detail that was left out in a majority was that certain hair textures will not agree with those methods. My hair never took the color and I was left with yet another failed experiment. My goal is to find a natural dye that my hair adores and of course I will spread the word. This is my journey and all the knowledge I gain on the way I want everyone to be a part of. This will be a part of October’s journey with more to come..

October Chronicles

What to look forward to for the month of October BOO!!

  • The OL’ Big Chop Story, Special Guest: My Sister Yayy !
  • Spray Dye product review
  • Hair Journey, Special Guest: My Mother Booyah !
  • My Halloween Hairstyle: TWA edition

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing these stories and ideas. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more adventures from the afro gang. See you soon !

And As Always, Peace and Love My Naturalistas and Naturalistos.

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