Flat Twisted Mohawk; Bantu Knot Out

HTC Phone pics 180
Because my hair was longer at the time I swooped the majority or the hair to one side and rocked it like how it is in this pic

Hello There Beautiful People,

So I was working on a flat twisted mohawk before I went ahead and chopped my hair off. If you cannot flat twist I will put up a post about it in the very near future, but it’s always good to have a friend or family member around who can do this for you or you can even improvise the twist with braids instead. The style still comes out looking very funky and fresh. You always want to make sure your hair is properly moisturized before this hairstyle to prevent breakage.

  • Okay so you’re going to start off by separating your hair into three even sections starting from the hairline going all the way back to the base of your head where the hair stops.

  • Once the sections were separated I started with the middle first because it’s always the easiest for me when I am doing a mohawk. I always use a plastic duck bill clip (metal is fine just not ideal for me personally)  or a scrunchie to keep the hairs from mixing NEVER a rubber-band. The reason for this is because rubber-bands tend to snag onto your hair and break it off, me and rubber-bands are enemies for life.

  • For the middle I slightly damped my hair and put my usual oils in before I started off with the bantu knots (Note: I always get perfect results when I add moisture; they are always so defined when I take then out afterwards.) You can either part it neatly with a comb if you plan on keeping them in for a day or two as a style or you can just go ahead and part with your fingers. The bigger the part the bigger the curls so the size is your call. With each section you separated you’re going to whip out your handy dandy bantu knot skills. Do that to the entire middle section.

  • Now we are on to the sides. I only did four flat twist because I was on a time schedule, but as always you can twist or braid as many as you want. As you can see in the picture below you part the hair from the from the top down towards your ear like how you would for any usual mohawk style. Make sure the section of hair is moisturized before you start flat twisting or braiding it starting from your ear going up to the center. You’re going to end it off with a bantu knot. (With braids I stop braiding once my hair is no longer on the scalp, I then twist the rest and bantu knot it.)

  • Once you finish with all of the hair just start with the next section by following the same steps and you are finished. Horrayyy !

If you are planning to leave your home after the style is done make sure the bantu knots in the middle are completely dry before taking them out or they will be very fuzzy. I usually leave them in overnight and take them out when I’m ready to leave the house. Note that I only take out the bantu knots in the center not the ones that are used to end off the flat twist or braids.

HTC Phone pics 195
In this picture I added a hat so that you can see the style can be worn with a hat as well. Also this was a few days in and the style was starting to look fuzzy, So I was rocking the fuzz.

Thanks For Stopping By,

Peace And Love My Naturalistas And Naturalistos

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