Sorry For The Delay

I have been doing a lot since my last post and I apologize for the delay. Recently I cut my hair very short so the front is about 3 inches long and the back is about an inch. I haven’t been styling it much, but lately I have gotten into an afro punk phase so I have been putting different color boxed braids and also spray dyeing my hair different colors to prevent breakage. I will soon be experimenting with hair growth supplements and temporary hair dye to see which ones are less detrimental to my hair’s health; here are some pictures of my recent haircut and  the braids. I am heavily influenced by anime and the afro punk movement so I like to add some color to my look every now and then. I understand some of you may work in a very conservative professional setting so having colorful hair is not appropriate and I will still make posts of my many creative hairstyles that will match those standards. Once again I am sorry for the long delay, just been very busy on my end. Enjoy your day my Naturalistas and Naturalistos. HTC Phone pics 024HTC Phone pics 2749HTC Phone pics 2485HTC Phone pics 2798

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