Three Strand Twist Bantu Knot Out


The picture above is pretty self explanatory. 
This hairstyle is very easy and great right after a wash too.

If you’re familiar with the three strand twist method, this should be very easy. If not there are a few great “how-to” videos on youtube that can help out with your first set. 🙂

First: Three strand twist your hair in sections big or large whatever you prefer.

Second: Bantu knot the twist then wrap your hair up.

DONE no hassle, no stress, just two steps

In a few of my previous posts I stressed the importance of moisturizing your hair as you style it. Just because you conditioned you hair after a wash or have a little left over oil or grease from the day before in your hair does not mean you should not reapply some more when you twist it. Because you are manipulating your hair that promotes breakage and twist are well known for that if you do not moisturize them as you style them.

Handle your hair with care my Naturalistas and Naturalistos

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