Braided Updo


I’m not the biggest fan of braids due to my tender headed habits and completely impatient attitude when it comes to taking them out, but this style was a must do. It is an updo type of vibe great for windy, cold climates. Although I could’ve been a little neater with the parts and braids. I’m due for a wash so I didn’t want to go overboard.

P.S.: This can also be improvised with flat twist

The first section will be the crown of your head. This can be parted in a square, circle, zig-zag, heart…whatever fancies your mood. I went for the oval route. When you are done group the parted hair clip it or put a scrunchy in. This is not going to be styled until the very end.

For the hair that hasn’t been parted all you need to do is part it evenly down the middle up to where your hair stops.

Hold one side down with clips or a scrunchy and you’re ready for the braiding.

Braids, Braids and More Braids:
The parts can be as creative as you want it to be and so can the braids, but my hair needed to be washed so I just kept it simple. So for every section you seperate, braid it right after going towards the center of your head.

So the usual repetition.
Part, Braid, Repeat
Part, Braid, Repeat

I like to braid it to the very end so it doesn’t come out. My hair is very soft when it wants to be and unravels itself just for fun 😶. Now just repeat it on the next side.

When you are finished all you need to do is braid all the loose braids upward, roll it and pin it.

Yay, Here Comes The Fun Part

This was the best part for myself. I don’t like having the same styles after 2-3 days so you can imagine the fun I was having for the top.
The reason why I left the top out was to freestyle it. One day you can have a flat twist out and pin it towards the front to look like a bang. The next day you can bantu knot it and leave it in the knots. The choice is yours.

If more pictures are necessary to show the steps, they will be put up upon request

Peace & Love My Naturalistas and Naturalistos

I Hope This Post Was Helpful For Your Journey

                                 Sincerely, Ms. Ambrosial

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