Hair Journey Mark


Today is going to be my hair journey mark.

My hair and I have been through our battles. Between cutting, dying, locking, man-made products, knots and breakage, I’m now FINALLY at a comfortable hassle free point.

In a few of my blog post I go on about getting to know your hair. I’m a firm believer in that statement because I know how hard it is sometimes to wake up and have to deal with your hair in the morning, get dressed, put on your makeup (if you wear any makeup) then rush out the house. At times you don’t know if your hair is going to cooperate, always having to stalk the weather channel to check for humidity or rain, it’s a full-time job.

On the other hand, once you know exactly how your hair is going to respond to certain environments or certain products you’ll know how to style it for that day without even having to threaten it with a weave. Knowing your hair will also help you maintain consistent growth and health.

My Natural Hair Journey Story

Going natural was a spur of the moment decision. One day I just got tired of cutting inches of my ends due to damage or just stressing when to get my next perm. The next day I went straight to the barber and got rid of all of it. The funny thing was that perms just made my hair curly. People still came up to me when I had my little curly afro telling me I need to get a perm. Of course this was all through middle school and most of highschool. The ignorance behind those insecure comments was a constant annoyance. Being natural I still go through thee ol’ “Is that your real hair?” Or “Oh you have nice hair for a black girl” ……uhmmmm excuse me?

Anyway, I’ve been natural since ‘Dec 2010’ and no my hair is not as long as it should be due to my handling, but I’ve learned and I have moved on. I’m still in the process of experimentation with other organic products; I’m a restless soul so that’s only natural and I still style it every two seconds.

I made this blog hoping to help others find other alternatives to styling and moisturizing without having to subject to using chemicals and hair extensions all the time. I’m also open to any ideas, suggestions and comments.

Have A Lovely Day My Naturalistas and Naturalistos

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