Twist Out: Fall Edition


   Okay so in my last blog post I demonstrated how I rocked my fuzzy twists. Unfortunately, you don’t want to rock that frizz for too long or you’ll end up with frizzy knots that don’t look too cute. Get to know how long to leave in twists. This will determine your hair’s health for future styles.

How To Achieve The Style

    In the picture above I just took out those twists that were nice and curly from the blog post “Flat Twist On Twists: Fall Edition”. I ended up with this really fun defined look and I absolutely loved it! A good thing to do before you take it out is put a coat of moisturizer on your hair focusing a little more on the ends to prevent breakage. Make sure to oil your scalp as well.

Keeping It Tamed

   If you wrap your head up the right way this is good for about 4 days. Although It’s different with every hair type. I oil my scalp before sleep every 2-3 days in the Fall and by doing that I’ve been experiencing almost no breakage. Especially with twists.

Note To Self

After Each Style Give Your Hair A Breathing Period

Keep On Rocking My Naturalistas and Naturalistos


  1. I love a good 2 strand twist set, but I can’t wear a twist out in the Fall unless I’m staying at home. My hair would get frizzy quick and the wind is crucial in Indy. But I feel you are your tips 🙂 I can pass them along to others. Love you hair BTW =D

  2. I definitely understand what you mean. My hair used to do the same thing so I started experimenting like crazy and still am (lol).Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate it.

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