Flat Twist On Twists: Fall Edition


Every time my twists get fuzzy, I start to get a little more careless with styling it. So I start to experiment. This look of course being one of my experiments gone right.

This is a very simple quick, on the go look. All you need to do is flat twist your fuzzy twists into two big evenly separated twists (Lol, this line should be in a commercial). You can rock this look with a little make-up, a cute outfit and still look presentable.

One of the things I do love most about this style is that there’s so much you can do at the ends of the flat twists. You can clamp it, pin it up, put it in two buns, add a cute hair clip, whatever you feel is appropriate for the occasion. So much freedom for such a simplistic look.

This is also a good way to make those twists last because when you take them out the curl definition is everything.  I absolutely love this style, especially during a work week because I can get pretty lazy when the time is right.

I’ve also been playing around with a few products as well. That blog post will be posted after my next wash.

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