Moisturizing: Fall Edition



  I’m a firm believer in keeping your hair consistently moisturized. It promotes hair growth, health, and less breakage. If you are styling your hair on a regular basis never leave your hair thirsty.

  The weather in NYC is getting a little chilly so as a naturalista it is my duty to stock up on my oils and natural organic conditioners. Not to mention satin caps, scrunchies, clips… ehh you get the point.

What I Use:
Shea butter
Avocado Oil
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Rose Water (water)
-Preparations To Your Comfort-

  Okay so I’m in big trouble because I never measure how much of each product that should be mixed in to my lovely bowl of magic potion. I usually just go with the flow of texture consistency. When I’m focusing more on my scalp I make sure it’s mostly oil based. On the other hand, when I’m focusing more on my hair I make sure it’s mostly grease based. I just go with the flow of how my hair and scalp is for that day and that works best for me.

   Now the ways to lock in the moisture can vary between you and I, but because this month I’m focusing on twist I chose the flat twist method. This is also a great method because it can be worn as an afro the next day if you’d like to.

  Section, section, section. The most important thing for me is to section off my hair when I’m applying my conditioner. Dividing your hair in sections will assure that your hair is getting the TLC it needs and I cannot stress this enough.

  Section, moisturize, twist, repeat.
  Section, moisturize, twist, repeat.

When you’re finished just tie your hair down with a cap or scarf of your choice and you’re all set.

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