Introduction To Twists: Fall Edition


Fall Is Here ! ….. I’m Ready To Come Out Of My Shell Now.

I love the Fall, but sometimes the Fall doesn’t love me back (especially my hair). So for the month of October I’m going to introduce some of the many techniques and styles I do on my hair just to give you an idea of what you can do to keep your hair protected.

Reasons Why I Use Twists As A Protective Styling Method.

°Variety of styling options
°Growth technique
°Easy On-The-Go look
°Moisture Locker
°Twists Out Galore (Picture Above)

For month 10 expect to see Fall protective styles, hair wash routines, mositurizing techniques, discussion topics and ideas with other naturals within my circle et cetera.

Fall is my favorite season so it’s definitely the time to get creative and experimental.

Keep a lookout for Ocrober 1st



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