When In Doubt, Bun It Out


This hairstyle was put on my favorites list, but I must say in order to achieve it you need to know how to braid your own hair the cornrow way or someone who can braid it for you.

Things You’ll Need:
A Comb or Your Fingers
3 Clips or Scrunchies
Shea Butter

Step 1: -Parting- Starting from the bottom of your head by the base of your neck part (or finger part) a straight line going from left to right (Picture). Make sure you seperate every section with a clip or scrunchy of your choice so your hair doesn’t get mixed in with the rest. For the rest of the hair that’s out, part 3 large sections as if you were going to do a mohawk. (It doesn’t matter if the parts are used with a comb or fingers, it’s a preference thing so be you).



Apply the grease of your choice to each section you twist and braid.

Step 2: -Braiding-:I started off braiding both sides of my hair in regular straight back braids because I wanted a simple everyday hairstyle for work that would last the week. You can get fancy and do designs, but honestly there’s only so much I can do with my own hair so I just kept it simple. There’s still more to learn for me.
The picture below is just to show an example.


Step 3: -Twisting- After both sides are braided just twist the rest and put everything up in a bun.

Easy as 1,2,3

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