Wavy Hair: Date Edition


This hairstyle was completely experimental and so was the “product” I used to achieve this look.

It always starts with a nice wash

Washing my hair was a little different this time, due to my complete laziness. I used the usual black soap to shampoo and thee ol’ finger comb method to distribute the suds evenly to get a nice clean ending.

Now Rinse.

I did NOT condition my hair right after. What I did was let my hair air dry for a little then I added a coat of completely natural shea butter cream (the one usually used on the skin by most) while my hair was still damp. The best way to get it moisturized good is to section off the hair in big chunks.

Each section was twisted until all the hair was in neat chunky twist. While my hair is still slightly damped -not saturated- I put a cap that’s tight fit on my head Here’s my trick: Classic bantu knot and that’s it. Always make sure the twist and the bantu knots are done neatly or it will definitely show when you wake up.

Yawnnn It’s Morning Time

Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry Before You Take It Out

Everyone has different hair, but I know when my hair is still wet and I take it out pssssh let’s just say all effort lost, gone, zip, zero, finish…. uhmm you get the point.

Drumrollllllllll Pleaseeee

Mission accomplished! I’m ready for my date !

Because shea butter is such a thick product my hair for the first time stayed defined for hours. Usually after 2hrs my hair begins to straighten and puff out because it’s soft and doesn’t have a consistent curl definition so it’s difficult to rock afro styles without the curls straightening out over time.

But But But

Experimenting with shea butter worked out perfectly and I finally have a natural product to use as a replacement for grease (which I never used since my natural hair journey).

Note To Self

I always go to sleep with my hair slightly damp after a wash with some type of moisturizer in it; style or no style. I noticed my hair’s a lot more absorbent that way and I have never gotten sick from going to bed with my hair damp.

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