Braid Out/Bantu Knot Out


The front of my hair was in cornrows and the back was in bantu knots. I don’t like hair touching my neck so I bobbed the back after the bantu knots were taken down just to give it that extra shrinkage. As usaul I used avocado oil and water before each twist and each braid.

The braids stayed in for about 4 days ,but the bantu knots were done over night and taken out in the morning. I just used a satin cap as I slept to keep it neat and when it was time to style my bobbed fro I just finger combed the back a little than patted the hair at the bottom upward.

My hair is a different texture in the front so when I took out the braids it was already hanging down lower than the hair on the sides and back of my head. On top of that bantu knots give my hair more shrinkage than braid outs so that made this style more effective.


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