Apricot Oil Review

I have been using apricot oil temporarily for 2 weeks consistently. This oil did not moisturize my scalp only my hair and I did not like the consistency of it. It didn’t feel pure or genuine and actually seemed to dry my scalp even more. Maybe it was the company or just how it feels in general, but for sure I will not be using it on my hair again.

There was a tremendous difference when I applied both avocado and apricot oil together as a moisturizer. My hair was very soft and moist and my scalp was perfectly conditioned,but I assume that was only due to the avocado for the most part. I would only recommend to use this product (apricot oil) on your skin or as a conditioner mixed with water to then rinse later.

I also will note my improvising toward the end of my two week trial. I made a conditioner that included this product….rinsed my hair…. then reapplied the apricot oil with the avacado oil when my hair was damp. I then put my hair in bantu knots and my hair and scalp was back to normal in the morning.


But If You Would Like To Experiment Too ….Be My Guest


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