Let’s Talk Silky Smooth Hair

Natural hair beauties sometimes have issues with achieving soft smooth moisturized hair. (Not always). A close friend inspired this post (cocainexvirgo). Her blog talks about natural hair, beauty, fashion and make-up.

My hair right after a wash- No oil applied- Not finger combed yet- or massaged

This is what I do after my hair is cleaned and moisturized

I always keep my hair twisted for 1-3 days or more when I apply my oils just by spritzing a little water first before I apply it. Note: Don’t drown your hair, just put enough to moisturize it.

Reasons Why I Twist
I love to twist my hair, due to my work schedule and my errand running, my hair is for the most part always in twists. BUT be sure to give twists credit because they are very versatile.

If I could count the amount of updos I did on my hair in the past with twist then I wouldn’t be advertising how great they are.

Think about it this way….

Twist are locs that haven’t locked yet

Those natural hair lovers who have locs have so many styles that vary on the size of their locs and length of their hair, that they make having twist look easy. I know y’all know I’m Pro Locked hair they’re gorgeous, which is more of a reason to rock my two strands.

Positive Effects

In continuation to twisting my hair after a wash (Hair Wash Routine) Blog, I wore my hair in twist for 2 days after the avocado oil and satin cap was put on my hair.


I have been doing this for years and I always get the same results. Silky smooth blow-dried looking hair that have people think I’m lying when I say I Do Not blow dry my hair. Not everyone will have the same results because everyone’s hair is different.

What You Eat

What you eat can sometimes determine how quickly your hair grows and how healthy your hair is. To keep it short and sweet….. Eat Healthy.
I don’t always do ,but then again I never was in the habit of eating way off either due to how I was raised.
Whatever I know I don’t get a lot of I just take natural supplements to fill in the gap. I check my levels every three months to make sure the diet I chose was the proper one.
This is my second month with this technique and so far it works for me maybe it will work for you too, but I can’t say because you know what your body can and can’t have more than me.

Your Handling

You have a lot of hair yes ,but it’s not invincible.
Applying constant heat on a daily basis even with protective oils and sprays does not guarantee that your hair is not being damaged.
On top of that most of the products you use that you think is helping could be harming your beloved hair. Read the label. Go on a date with your hair once in a while. It’s on your head and you hardly know it.
Be aware of how you comb and brush your hair (I prefer neither) ,but when you do


BUT to the natural hair guys and dolls stay beautiful, be healthy, and own confidence

Twisted Styles Pending For My Next Post, So Keep An Eye Out Beauties



  1. It took me a long time to learn how to achieve super soft hair. I tried lots of products by finally found the ones that work for me. I have yet to try the avocado oil you mentioned. It’s on my list of things to try.

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