Hair Wash Routine

What I use ….
Black Soap (The real 3 ingredient African kind)
Apple Cider vinegar mixed with cold-pressed olive oil
Avocado Oil
Satin Cap

When I hit the shower to wash my hair, I don’t use man made chemicals to cleanse it.


   A few short years ago I discovered that my hair was always dry and brittle due to the harsh chemicals in shampoo and conditioners striping my hair of it’s natural oils. Therefore causing it to be unhealthy and easier to split.
    Once caught on to this I began a natural product hair washing routine trial and error phase. Different natural products gave me different results. Now that I am best friends with my hair I know what it can handle for a wash.
   I believe everyone that is going through some hair troubles should get to know their hair instead of trying to mask it with products that only work temporarily if at all.


Soaking my hair completely in water first of course.


The black soap I buy is the big chunky bar kind. So to make it easier to use in the shower I actual mix half of the soap with water in a bottle until the water turns black.
I then apply the soap to my hair enough for it to sud. Massaging your scalp during this process is sure to get every little build up left.

I only do this once then rinse


Next I have the apple cider vinegar diluted with water and a few capfuls of oil mixed in a spray bottle from the 99cents store. “I honestly can’t tell you exactly how much to mix I go with what my hair is comfortable with.
I then finger comb my hair (I never ever ever use a comb on my hair, but you can if that’s what you’re comfortable with) after about 5 min I rinse it out.
There will be some oil left but that’s perfectly fine.


Air Dry

While it’s still damp I apply avocado oil, then two strand twist my hair while it’s still damp. That way the moisture will seep in my follicles nice and good.
Satin cap it and I’m good to go.

That’s that. The secret to my routine.



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