Bantu Knots

Take advantage of bantu knot twist outs, I use this method to style and moisturize my hair to keep it cute and healthy.


I bantu to moisturize, style, and protect my hair at night and during the day for the harsh wintwr weather.

Small spritz of water
Oil based product
Your hands

I don’t use combs on my hair. My detangle technique is oil water and my fingers, nature’s number one protective detangler.

Section off a chunk of hair, the curl size will depend on how big the sections are.

Spritzing each chunk of hair one by one as you go along the way is a lot easier than wetting your whole head, but do not soak it in water just dampen it. This technique will give you curls more of a definition after you take the bantu knots down.

After you complete that it is always good to put a thin layer of moisturizer on each section. I usually go for natural oils such as coconut or olive, it keeps my hair healthy and moisturized for quite a bit.

Detangling your hair with your fingers is recommended ,but if you want to use a comb be my guest.

Now you’re ready to two-strand twist each moisturized section. If it feels dry just another spritz of water should be fine.

To Bantu Knot your hair you are to take one two-strand twist, hold it between your thumb and index fingers for both hands and twist it in the same direction of the two-strand twist by alternating between both hands. Do this until it begins the coil closer to your scalp then just wrap it into a little knot. If the knot doesn’t stay for you just use a pin to hold it in place.

I always let it air dry like I always say I don’t use heat on my head so after these steps I just tie my head down on go to sleep.

Day 2
I take the knots down, unravel the twist and stick my fingers on my roots and comb it slightly to give my hair more volume. This can also be done with an afro pick.


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