Loc Journey: One Month Conclusion

Hmmmm… The dreading process was like getting to know my hair again from scratch. I found out the hard way that I had to wash and retwist my hair every two weeks. My hair is super soft and grows fast within that time so the friz is on level 100 by week two. I don’t use clips because I know over a certain period of time using clips and tightly twisting my hair will cause it to break off so I cut that routine out from early.


Products. As of recently the locafella spray. Water. Oil. And now honey. In a few weeks I’ll be using an herb spritz every two days and I will consistently use this method for a month and will let you naturals know how it turns out for me. I’ll let you know the ingredients when I start.

Wash Black soap. Hemp soap. Water. Baking soda. Vinegar. Oil. I’m working on a new hair washing method soon ,but I’ll wait until March to start that up.

Styling I usually flat twist my twist into an updo with rubberbands occasionally, but once it locs and lengthens I will be more versatile with my creations so don’t get bored with me too quickly or you’ll miss out later. [=

My Hair Due to using a product for the first time in well over a year my hair has gotten a little dryer ,but manageable dry not unhealthy dry. So I’m going to LISTEN to what my hair is telling me and cut the product out indefinitely. For a long time my hair was always moisturized just by watering and oiling it every 5 days believe it or not ,but once this new product got involved my hair was forced to adjust.

That marks the end to my one month journey into dreading


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