Loc Journey: Styles

The styles and routines I use on my hair can be used on hair that is not locked as well. Especially for a head full of twist or comb coils that are meant to be temporary and stay fresh for a month or two weeks. I learned all these tricks when I first didn’t plan to loc.

All I did was keep my old routine for my locs because my hair was very healthy so I certainly will not change up everything based on a new long-term style.



I dislike and like doing my hair…. and this is what it looks like when I like doing my hair. In the future I will be putting up my old styling when my hair was not in the locking process. I’m sure you naturals will love it I’ve gotten a good amount of compliments and it would be great to see others incorporate my original styles into their own hair type. Don’t forget to give credit to it’s birth mother. [=

If anyone is interested in a step by step explaination or more information about my routines just comment below and I will post the information you ask for upon request if I can. Thank you.


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