Loc Journey: Retwist No-Clip Method

  I’m not too fond of the constant use of clips on my loc journey after each retwist so instead I tried bantu knotting it.

Sometimes you gotta let your hair rock out


After applying the usual spritz of water and the product on each twist, I simply added a layer of locafellas oil spray


I am very pleased with this product. All of the ingredients are recognizable (and has a combination of oils which is something I usually do on my own) that being said I’m a lot less reluctant to using this spray overall, but a girl can get lazy once in a while.

Let it be known that I don’t over indulge in product usage and that explains why my hair is so healthy, next week I am using honey to retwist and I only use locafellas product once or twice a week (which is the only product used since my loc butter ran out). Once it runs out my usual home-made oil mix will be ready for use.

Note that I use this product once or twice a week before I go to sleep right before I throw on my satin cap to keep my hair moisturized.


Du-rag, Satin Cap, Sleep

I woke up to amazing results….


I think every natural hair rocker that ever took out bantu knots knows how bantu knots come out when you take them down, so you can imagine how much shrinkage my hair underwent.

To play off that look, I flat twisted my future locs into a nice updo and I have the top twisted in a way where it agrees with how my hair curls from the knots.


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