Dreadlock Journey Countdown Day 6 of 7

I cracked… I started the twist instead of waiting as a gift to myself. The loc butter works very good and my parts are a little preschool ,but when my hair lengthens out it should be fine.

What I did was wash my hair right before I started because that is the only time my hair is fluffy in an afro form and quite hard to manage. It only settles after two days, but the timing was perfect.

I parted in rows and from there box parted my hair twisting them individually then held them with clips preferably those small silver clamps. I damped the hair with a spray bottle, applied the locafella butter and twisted it from there. My whole head is complete so I can grow from there.


I will be posting every Friday so I can have more time to my art in the meantime starting this friday.


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